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I really like the story, we've all been through something like this so its relatable. Also it has not just the mc story but all of her friends and ex story as well,alot of characters and drama. The being able to talk to the future you is also intriguing a crazy twist.
I love this series. Love the vamp aspect, the love angst of the 2 characters, the drama around every turn. The female lead is righteous and good hearted and tough thou she could b a little tougher. The male lead is hmm u learn to love him. He comes off very rough, arrogant and a brute but then u see other aspects to him and see y he is that way. But who doesn't love an assertive, possessive man thats sexy lol.
The beginning was a little hard to follow but as it keeps going it gets so much better. I feel for the characters and their situation. The drama is great! So much things are going to b happening, can't wait! Love it
I just adore this story,its funny and heartfelt with mystery as well. The main character is wonderful I really feel for her situation. Her crush looks like the wholesome all around great guy but there something lurking below the surface and im very curious to find out whats going on. Can't wait to read more!
This story is wonderful! The characters are perfect and the dynamic between them is perfect. The female lead is headstrong and I like that she's not some weakling. I can't wait to see whats gonna happen between them
I really like this story! Love the lead male character! His personality is so my type! Love the art and I can't wait to see what lies ahead for them! This one has lots of action and surprises so great
This story has mystery to it and I definitely want to know whats gonna happen. I like both characters and there seems to b more on the way which makes me more curious. The drawing is splendid. Looking forward to reading more
This one is starting off real good. The characters are great their relationship is good as well I like how its a hate/slave/master kinda thing but I just know it'll slowly develop. Can't wait!
This story is so sweet, full of sorrow and so much emotions that just flow all together so well.the characters are wonderful and complex. The first story just took me in and im devoted fan love it!
Aww i am sooo sad this series is ending,I still wanted to see them grow and develop their relationship. I did enjoy reading this it was very unique story!
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