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This is such a wonderful story, makes u think about ur past loves. The art is great and the characters are interesting.. looking forward to see the story development!
From reading the synapsis I thought it was gonna b a rough tale for the girl but when I read it I liked it. Sure her situation is bad but the guys she has are so different from each other and don't treat her horrible like I thought they would. I'm definitely gonna keep reading!
This is the first chapter and I am already hooked. I like the plot and I like the characters. I think this can go along way and look forward to reading more chapters thx!
I just love this story I've read all the chapters and I love the characters and the detail in the drawings are amazing. I always look forward to reading it. Its funny and a light hearted romance. Keep up the good work!
I really like this story, the characters are great, the misunderstandings and what they are both thinking are funny. The story is pretty original and I look forward to reading more.
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