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Very nice art, and an interesting concept - the characters were cute and fun, and sent me through a wave of emotions. Overall a great read!
I was in looove with the previous connected series, and am so happy to be given more - and with a different kind of character development this time around, as you get to see how they grew into the characters you already know and love. Huge fan of all this author's work, this series is no exception and really has me. Thank you
Exactly what I wanted as a continuation of the last volume. Love all the stories and characters from these series - thank you!
Absolutely adored this story!! I'm a sucker for the childhood friend plots as they always have such history together and adding another generation into it is just too cute! Love the art, and I just love their version of love! I can always expect a great story, but this one is my favourite from Tomo Kurahashi byfar.
The story isn't as strong as Tomo Kurahashi's other works but it's still quite nice, and as usual I love the art. At first glance, I actually thought this was going to be a continuation of Sick and got excited, but I liked the new take with this story and how it ended. They're really good with balancing story with the action, so I can always count on them for a good read!
Fun stories, but a couple of em came on a little strong for my liking.. however, the endings of the stories to each separate pair were nice, and the connection to each other was a nice surprise. I liked the variety, and the art was pretty good, but I thought there would more detail in the relationship of the featured couple..
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