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Very cute, surprisingly comedic, and well drawn! Keep in mind, I'm a fan of the glittery kind of 80s anime look so the art style might not be to everyone's favour. Gotta say though, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the female lead!!! She's so spunky and determined~ it was hilarious to see the author's notes at the end where the editor actually told her to tone down her character. Honestly, would have welcomed an even spunkier FL, but what we got was still very good. My only criticism is the pacing, but that's not new for Harlequin. Overall, very good read <3
Oooh very steamy! I'd like to warn everyone that this is kind of dub-con, and that it reads more like a hentai manga rather than your usual josei smut. Personally speaking, I really like it! The leads have an interesting rival love-hate chemistry going on. It becomes important when the whole premise is the female lead, being a strong sadistic queen, falling into the mercy of a kind faced, wolf in sheep's clothing kind of sadistic male lead. Very willingly I might add. It's nice a nice change of pace from your regular sadistic pairings where the FL always seems to be crying, since this one seems to be so into it (though reluctant at first). Not that crying FLs and overbearing MLs don't have their smutty place in my heart, but it's nice to see one where the FL is so openly into it while the ML is so openly mean <3
This is a sign. You've scrolled down this far to find this review. It's a sign. A sign to READ THIS SERIES!!!I can't tell you how long it's been since I found something that truly touched my fluffy feels heart. I don't even care that nothing substantially smut like has happened yet (ch6), I'm just fully invested into the story. Of course this is all personal opinion, but it doesn't hurt to give recommendations.Both characters are airheads in different ways, the FL being a romance Otaku who is still incredibly dense, and the ML having a complex against love yet still being incredibly dense. Sparks are FLYING but the two of them can't even see it!!! The chemistry is REAL and EXPLOSIVE. Even with the hint of a potential love triangle, I have no qualms against the third person and find them to be a wonderful addition~ Great art, great characters, great story, and great possibility for some real steamy scenese in the future (。???-)?
Very rushed. Everything happened so quickly that I could barely register what happened. It feels frustrating because the story was set up in a way that could've developed nicely if the story wasn't 2 chapters long. Like, imagine a story like The Yankee and The Artist compressed into 2 chapters. Sounds frustrating, right? Especially since you know the story can be so much more. The gangster and surprise marriage elements are more excuses than they are part of the story. The smut was okay though, I'll give it that. Overall, a quick read is really all it is.
Crossdressers!!!! What's better than a man in a skirt? As of ch3, the romantic leads' relationship may seem a bit shallow, but the underlying plot hints at a greater story behind all of this. I have a feeling that this is creating opportunity for their love to develop, and it makes me excited for what's coming next! The smut is pretty steamy but definitely not as hardcore as some other titles on this site. I'd say it's a good middle ground for those who are looking to broaden their smut intake. Will definitely be following this title closely!
[Currently only ch 1 published] A little something for fans of the more harassing kind of romance. Having only chapter one out, there isn't much to lead with. Simply put, it only establishes the opening for the steamy actions to ensue (hohoh) but not much to get you invested in the characters. I'd even go as far to say that the ML may be unlikeable for those who aren't big fans of the black-bellied type without any sweetness. Pretty much, it's harrassment without feeling, if that makes any sense. I'm sure this will develop eventually, and we will get a taste of the ML's affection for the FL, but nothing really sells it right now. The sex scenes aren't too much to write home about either; it's a little stiff for my personal tastes. This is something I'd casually follow and maybe spend leftover points on. However, I do hope to see the story develop more as it seems there is ample room for an interesting story.
A definite read for fans of the absurd light-hearted comedy that buds from the blooming romance of two perverts lol!!! The drama doesn't take itself too seriously, and even the very serious plot point in the series won't cause aggressive feels. I'll say it again, it's very light-hearted and greatly focuses on the ROM-COM aspect of the story. It's good for a laugh and to lift your spirits, but don't expect a great deal of realism or story. In fact, the sex scenes might not even be steamy enough for some of you (hohoh). While there is a story, it's to make space for the comedy and fluff. I like it personally, because the dirty jokes and absurd wackiness is right up my alley, but I can understand why people might not like how shallow it may seem. I'd compare it to Yuki Yoshihara's "Darling" which follows a bit of the same idea and comedy style. Overall, would recommend if you want to see a married couple comedic duo.
I never thought I'd find a book that would hit all the bull's-eyes!!!! Seriously, this was an incredibly well done manga, and the author does a great job catering to the female fantasy. If you're tired with the usual submissive female leads acting like frozen tunas during the sex scenes, this is the manga for you. The main characters actually look like they have a personality and common sense, and the guys don't come off as creepy with a bordering love/power obsession. Ever wondered what people meant by "consent is SEXY?" Then please read this. The stories are fun too, even though they're very simple. Heck, I'd even go on to say that the sex scenes wouldn't nearly be as sexy if you didn't have the context of the story (and believe me, those scenes are very steamy~).It's $8, yes, but it's pretty darn worth it. I'm not even mad. The author knew what she was doing and understands a maiden's love for men's cute butt cheeks and soft nipples. That is something worth throwing money at.
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