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FYI this is non con to start, there's mind control/magic of some sort at play here so it starts ick (she doesn't remember anything really), but I'm genuinely curious to see how their relationship evolves.
A delightful collection of oneshots that follow a variety of couples in a smattering of modern and ancient time periods. 19th century lords, 16th century monks, modern students, and a rich boy obsessed with a bartender.They're all sweet stories, but perhaps a little hollow as you get just enough story to want to engage further with the characters. In my opinion, you get just enough to be happy for the characters (which lets face it, is NEVER enough).The first and second couple get the most real estate in this volume, but I really enjoyed the story of the little lord and the horse, as well as the monk and his lord. A fun read, definitely worth a rent.
Light and fluffy and surprisingly clever. I was hooked when he called her a table lol.
I'm not entirely sure what people are expecting when the root of the plot is in the title and the roles are implicit on the cover. A divine beast, for a lark, takes on a human pet as a plaything for the sake of entertainment. As is the usual trope, the human is utterly unwilling but incapable of resisting, and the divine beast (which is essentially a god who DGAF about human sentiment or emotion) does as he wants. The art is lovely, and I'm genuinely curious about the divine beasts and their behavior. However! When these kinds of stories are released by chapter instead of by volume, it's difficult to really get the gist of the story without being alienated by the page limit. I'm really looking forward to seeing how their unpleasant first encounter gets resolved. Hopefully in a fresher way than "I love you now, I feel guilty over how we first met, let's forget your village literally threw you into my arms and I violated you within minutes of bringing you home."
OH MY GOD THE SMUTTY GOODNESS. This is one of the best comics I've read in a LONG TIME. That goes for all genres. The characters are genuinely affectionate, and love one another SO MUCH. AND THE SEX?! No words. Truly. This is deep in the splash zone and it's GLORIOUS. I loved it so much I'll be looking for a physical copy of this when it prints. 100% recommend!
Holy Smutty McSmutterson o.o; The entire story is essentially a masseur seducing an oblivious salaryman. There's very little character development, unless you count the air headed uke developing into a sexpot. You won't be reading this for the plot. Still has cute moments tho.
Brace yourself y'all this comic is firmly in the splash zone. 100% up to your eyeballs in smut. There's a ton of coercion in this, and the first experiences of both bottoms are very aggressive, so if you have a hard time with that, look elsewhere. But if you're fine with the above, bring a tarp. And wear some eye protection.
This story is so smutty and adorable. Definitely worth a read and re read!
BIG FAT NON-CON WARNING! The first chapter of this has a group sexual assault immediately followed by another assault. Different fictional strokes for different folks, but still. Y'all been warned.
Honestly, I started with the comic because the art style is just delightful, but I've stuck with it through all the chapters because I'm genuinely interested in the growth of the characters and the backstory that's slowly been building. Yes, it's campy at times, but those tropes are what make a good fluffy romance manga great!
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