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Beautiful art! The second story IS incest tho so if that's not your thing, maybe skip it.
Personally I loved this! Cute, funny, great art, but be warned that it touches on some dark subject matter. As the others have said, the second story (one chapter compared to the first story's three) is incest. Now I'm a freak so that's not a deal breaker for me, but the older brother's behavior /is/ pretty off putting. Borderline yandere really. But the story with the free loader is the real meat of the story here and it's great!
Niyama-sensei creates some of my favorite BL stories and this is no exception! It manages to be extremely hot and extremely adorable at the same time! Highly recommended!
I really enjoyed the first story with the delinquent and the porn star because I adore it when the big tough guys are the bottoms! Kaoru is just so cute, and the author really knows how to draw some buff dudes. Now the second story I am IN LOVE with. Kaoru's friend and his teacher interact a bit in the first story, and I really really wanted to see them get together, so I was super happy when it started to focus on them! Age gap where the older one is the bottom is one of my favorites!Both stories have really cute and funny moments! I can't wait to see where it's going to go next!
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