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This manga is gold ! You have romance, comedy and erotic scenes at the same time. The main characters are really funny and well-built. In one hand, you have Rio, a romance novelist who has difficulties to write sex scenes...and so she decided to learn how to have sex ! In another hand, you have Mr. Fujishima, a banker who answered her demands, as foolish as there are ! I love how their relationship is developping, not too fast, not too slow. The main characters are like opposites, but there is great chemistry between them. Conclusion : If you want a very hilarious and cute romance with a lot of smut, this manga is for you ! ^_^
I totally love this manga, so I'm writing my first review on Renta ! There is a perfect balance between storyline and erotic scenes. The characters are well-built and very charming. In one hand, you have Ritsu, a girl who has just lost her parents and learned she's from a rich and famous family, so her life is getting more and more difficult...In another hand, you have Ren, a boy who was given to Ritsu as her inheritance, another change in her life, but a really happy one. Ritsu is a really sweet girl and Ren wants to protect her smile. The romance between them is really cute and romantic...and erotic of course ! As for the story, we don't just have the point of view of the heroine, but also Ren's point of view. There is a kind of suspense which makes you want to read the next chapter. Conclusion : I totally recommend this manga !
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