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Just like the title, the story is sweet. Shuri, the main character of this story, is so funny because she speaks her mind, has a fowl mouth, yet is still very caring. After experiencing a hard patch and meeting new people, Shuri is beginning to find the passion for her profession again. The story so far is filled with funny and romantic instances and is a good read if that's what you are looking for. The art looks a bit dated but I'm guessing it is because this story was first published in 2013/2014; that's my only complaint but it won't stop me from reading this manga. I'm looking forward to the next update!
This manga actually isn't that bad! I actually like this manga and read up to chapter 8. Through out the story so far you get that the relationship between the male and female main characters is emotionally complex, of course because it is an arranged marriage! The female main character is also really interesting to me because she isn't your cutesy, people pleasing, clumsy girl. She is a woman that is not afraid of putting people in their place.
This manga is so good! It's funny, sexy, and entertaining. I know the plot of this one sounds a bit odd but give it a shot you will not regret it!!
I LOVE this one so much!! I am impatiently waiting for chapter 8! Please we need more updates!!!!
This story is soooooo good!! A must read! It is a unique and perspective changing story. It is so sweet, romantic, and sexy haha! Do not pass up on reading this!
This story is so sweet and amazing! The art, the story, and the love scenes are all great! Once you keep reading you won't be able to stop!
The story felt a little rushed and the art, in my opinion, seems a bit stiff. The story overall is good and so are the love scenes.
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