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Bad plot too fast pace, not really sadistic but more just mega A-holes. Slut shaming, and really cruddy non-con.
The art is nice but it's very melodramatic in a nonsensical way. If you don't pay too much attention it's good though. Definitely the characters could use their big boy and girl words to avoid misunderstandings and stuff. Also not throwing tantrums like 4 year old with misplaced anger would help.
The side characters are nice but the lead is super super closed minded and jumps to extremes too quickly. There are many other comics that are far more worth your time. The art is decent though.
Good art, interesting style. The characters are great, and very cute and comical triangle. Very imaginative.
The art was alright, the stories where very bland. There are many other titles out there worth the points. The plots aren't very thought out while being text heavy. It leaves a bad aftertaste as well because of how u fulfilling the endings are. Not enough substance.
This comic does not disappoint, I've read the whole series and it has so many strong points and so many feels. The main is so cute you can't help but to admire him/her. The love interest is wild but he definitely matures and becomes a dependable and sweet lover. The side Characters are also great, they got so many lolz.
One of the best artists of all time lol. This comic is drawn by the same person as Chou no Doko, the otome game so you k ow it's high quality stuff. Great anthology, great art and fun and random story lines. Definitely worth the points.
Plot isn't worth calling a plot. It's just smut every page. The characters lack any depth. Not worth the points.
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