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This is a great manga, for the most part, I love it. There's only one thing, I wish MC's could verbally express their feelings once they've come to realize their feelings. MC is denser than a blackhole and nothing love-related escapes from her mouth. I do like conflict and I understand that MC is unsure but dang. Still a great read
I like this manga but I think it's just ok. I could skip ahead 15+ chapters and still be inline with what's going on. I'm not compelled to root for MC and it doesn't matter who they choose, the outcome will be the same. I LOVE genderbent manga for the conflict, the tug and pull between MC and other characters and the inner conflict generated by MC 's new condition. I don't feel like there's anything at stake here. There's only a flimsy excuse and a trite plotline. Again I like this manga, but imagine if you changed sex via curse, your life would change and it never really does for MC.
It's good. Usually I stop reading by chapter 1 or 2 because by then MC and Love-Interest have achieved their goals. This is a little different, it seems. Only on ch. 1 so we'll see.
Not worth it. If this site allowed returns this would be the number one item I would return. Complete waste of money.
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