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A really cute and sweet story. Short but sweet.
Well done with gorgeous artwork. The stories are simple and fuller than what you'd get in most one offs. That third story (the freeloader), oh muh goodness.
The story is pretty good and the art is beautiful, with some nice silly moments. The female main character struggles with femininity and it is nice to see her growing more comfortable with herself and overcoming her body complex. My only two complaints are that the story tends to kinda skip from time-to-time, a little too fast paced in some areas, or things are too sudden too soon. My other complaint is that although the female character has a complex, she eventually moves on and grows more confident with herself. So I grow tired with the smut scenes focusing heavily on her breasts. But all-in-all if is a nice story.
It was okay. It fell a little flat for me.
Overall, it falls flat.
The ending was SO abrupt. It has the potential to continue on, but nope, just stops.
The art is well done and I love how the brothers bicker. My complaint is that yes, the story moves fast, but the MC just LET'S anyone do anything to her. A hamster could overpower her and knock her down. Overall, it was okay.
The art is pretty and the story had potential, but overall it was just okay. A third character/love interest is shoved in there, and is there for all of two seconds. The situation and scenes involving the third character are just awkward for me on many levels.
The art is gorgeous and the story is amazing. I love the characters!