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It's cute but very short. Interesting concept, left questions upon ending.
This series is wonderful. It is sweet and exciting and dramatic and tense and I am so glad to have read it.
This made me so happy. Two lonely people with the weight of expectations to lead on them, bound by flowers and a mirror. It was an unusual story, very romantic, and i loved it. So worth the read!
I love this couple. It feels so great to read the beginning of their love story - the sequel is one of my favorites. <3
All the couple's in the stories in this book are so adorable. Such sweet and cute <3 loved them all
Omg these stories are super cute! The title story is 3 parts of the whole thing, and the separate story is fun as well. Happily ever afters with the barest hint of toward the supernatural. Very much enjoyed this and putting on my reread and recommendation lists.
Wishing it was a bit longer so their relationship could get some development but enjoyed the premise and got a bundle of laughs from how klutzy our MC was. It is a fun read.
Wowzers... those are some hot smexytime scenes! The story is only ok and felt short... could do with more toward the end since the relationship is only kind of resolved. But very enjoyable, 5 star will definately read again!
These two are adorable. Both are super cute and awkward. This series left me giggling and smiling.
This is surprisingly funny. I wasn't expecting it from the blurb... you have a demon lord who hates being a demon lord and just wants to float under the radar, and a hero who grew up wanting to win their age old battle. Hero is pushy, demon lord gives in little bit by little bit.I would love to see more about these two.
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