misshime104's Reviews & Ratings

So lovely and cute! I love these kind of story where there isn't a second guy trying to steal her away. And damn the guy is sexy!!! Want me a guy that sexy too.
Love it. Is so funny n cute. So worth every points I used. Can't wait for the next chapters.
Worth the reading. Loved it!!
This was a good story but didn't like the ending. I wanted to see how the students and staffs would react but still a good story.
Really love it!!
It was a good story. Love everything about it but the ending was to me not to my liking. But still recommend you to read it. It's lovely, and funny and also has lovely coloring pictures.
Loved it!! Love all the stories. It's so cute. Totally recommend!!!
It was a lovely manga. I enjoyed reading it. Love the chemistry they have.
I loved it. It's somewhat funny to me in a way. Totally recommend everyone to read it!
It was okay don't get me wrong I still loved it but not so happy with how it ended. But still loved it.
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