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This quickly became one of my favorite mangas! I love the mature feel of the art and the storytelling. How they utilize silence and the emotion conveyed in just a look is so GOOD! Highly recommend!
Right now there's only five chapters, but I'm really looking forward to the rest! Their relationship might start off on the wrong foot, but Suguru is actually pretty innocent and it's fun to see his interactions with Yoichi, especially as Yoichi clearly grows fonder of Suguru. Very cute!
I love reading how their two personalities work together! Kamina is such a good combination of a golden retriever/“king” type and Makino has an interesting personality and can stand on his own. I hope I can read more in the future!
This quickly became one of my favorites! Sako is a cool heroine and I appreciate her strong nature, she doesn't get pushed around. It's really fun to see her dynamic with Eiji. I didn't expect him to so easily show an "uncool" side, it's so refreshing! He's also aware when he's overstepped with Sako and apologies.This was a straight-forward but fun story!
Niyama-sensei has quickly turned into one of my favorite mangaka. Their stories have a wonderful sense of humor to them that's well-balanced with drama. Seiji himself is a wonderful blend of mature, yet silly. I honestly laugh every time he speaks. I love Niyama-sensei's style a lot, it's well drawn and everyone's so attractive. The characters expressions in each panel are so endearing as well. I can't stop rereading it!
I absolutely love this manga! Not only is the artwork extremely sexy (love how beefy they all are), each of the characters are fun in their own ways and you get a chance to see both POVs for each pairing. All the stories were enjoyable to read too. All in all, definitely one of my favorites!
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