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I'm giving this a five star because I really like the Main Male Lead and I love this story cause I kinda relate. The story was really going smooth BUT ch4 came and the female lead just started to be so annoying. She lies and avoids him. Even I get pissed off. I'm hopeful for the next chapter to make the female lead to atleast make an effort and start to be honest.
I really like the first few chapters. It's very entertaining but when I got to 11&12, it just went downhill. I feel so bad for the main guy. I understand that Rio's character is naive and that's very cute and funny most of the time BUT it was just a turn off for ch11&12. I do hope the situation gets better for the upcoming chapters. I atleast want to see a new character preferably a lady trying to seduce the main guy so that Rio can experience what he's experiencing right now.
Okay at first I thought this wasn't a good read but I gave it a chance! I'M HAPPY I DID! I really loved reading it. I hope to find more series like this
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