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Chapter 1 has good potential for a kind of spooky (we'll see if Ch 2 gets more into the horror and drops the "kind of"), supernatural-themed yaoi story! Looking forward to the next chapter.
Chapters 1-3 are a fun and cute take on a reincarnation story, and I'm a sucker for historic themes, but I was really impressed by Chapter 4 as it digs into some interesting plot points! Now eagerly looking forward to the next chapter!
So far (Ch. 3) this is a super compelling story, hot sex scenes, AND super good art! Darker than some stories here, but the story is about mafiosos and a hitmen who uses sex to get close to targets, and it plays into that. Still, both main characters are interesting, makes you root for both of them in their own way, and this is the new story that I'm buying as soon as I see the next chapter on sale, every time!
The art, plot, and characters are all good and it's nice to be able to see things from both their perspectives further into the chapters!
Probably one of my favorite manga on this site. I'm always a fan of changing up the usual tropes and making the tough guy the bottom is great. The writing and art are both excellent and the pacing is good for letting you care about the characters while also keeping the story moving. 5/5 would recommend!
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