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Both stories are very sweet. The last chapter is a different couple than the first two and their intimacy is pretty rushed, so I took a star off for that. But all the characters are adorable!
I was looking forward to this. Cute premise, good art. But NOTHING HAPPENS in this manga. Nothing. No plot progression. No character development. No sex. It feels like an intro. How can this series be marked complete when after two installments nothing has even progressed?! And I don't see any hint of a sequel, either. Save your tickets. I wish I could get a refund.
Great! Very pretty art and the story is hilarious, which is uncommon. And it's wonderful to have a MC who isn't embarrassed by or afraid of sex. I'm looking forward to future issues!
This was so lovely! Brace yourself for some dubcon scenes that I don't think you're led to expect from the description, but aside from those it's a wonderful, adorable love story. Probably the sweetest story on the site.
Trite and shallow. There are better titles on here. I guess it's cute?
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