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Short, sweet and spicy! It's so short that there isn't much development but it's still pretty steamy and I enjoyed it. For the price, I think it's worth it.
The premise of the story is different from other harlequins and it seemed like it would be interesting. However, the story was not well executed. I'm not sure if it's a problem with translation or if the dialogue was originally so disconnected but there are many times when things just don't flow. For example, there's a part when Ken tries to earn a date where Georgia treats him to hot dogs, but then it later switches to him treating her. There was no explanation, so I'm assuming it was a mistake. There's also a monologue near the end that randomly mentions the name "Crown" which is nowhere else in the story, so that was confusing. And those are just a few of the many mistakes that made it hard to immerse myself in the story. Overall, this story had so much potential but sadly it is not polished and doesn't even seem like it was proof read. I expect much better quality translations from something I pay for, considering fansubs are probably better quality than this.
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