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I think this may have officially become my favorite manga from renta! Both of the stories are soooooo good!! I felt like I was going through the same situations at the MCs, the stories were relatable (*almost* missing chances on love <the almost is not relatable because I am sadly forever alone>) The endings of the stories leave you with a sense of fulfillment that will persuade you to read the other works of this author (which admittedly I have) I would 100000% recommend, it is 100% worth your money!!!
This manga almost made me cry! (During the part at the end between Christina's best friend and Anton)The true love that Anton shared with Christina was so pure, just a man falling in love at first sight with a woman. All the bad things that Christina has to go through for her love is so sad, but the ending makes up for it (her best friend in my opinion was the best part). I can't decide weather Anton's father is truly bad or good, the first book in this series makes him seem like a truly bad person, but this one shows that he was looking out for Christina and his son. Overall, such a good read! I definitely recommend this one, 100% worth the money (also, it is not often you see a dark haired, dark eyed (I think) female character, normally it's only blond hair and blue eyes, not that I have anything against that, but a change is refreshing and tells people that beauty is not subject to features, although Christina is very beautiful).
I normally don't write a review, but this manga is really good!!! The fact that Draco (MC) immediately proposed to Shayla (FMC) instead of the typical,
This is my first review, but I think that this book is really cute and goes at a
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