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Probably the most gorgeous artwork I've seen in any manga on Renta, the level of detail is stunning. I liked it enough to buy it solely for the art and I'll occasionally just flip through the pages to admire it without reading. Not to say the story isn't good, it is. There's nothing too explicit in the nsfw sense, though it does occasionally toe the line. The plot isn't all romance, but it also has political intrigue, scheming, drama, action, etc. I recommend it if you're looking for something with good substance.
"So that's what a real boob looks like." He says while looking at a pair of the most unrealistic boobs in existence. It's a quick read, no real depth. I found it funny enough to be enjoyable though.
Ren Hirose does it again! Decided to give this a go when I noticed one of the authors' name worked on one of my favorite mangas on Renta. I wasn't disappointed. It's a super fun read with another quirky, strong female protagonist that gets things done her own way. I can't wait to see what adventures and shenanigans she gets herself into.
A cute and funny story. I really like they way the characters are drawn. Nothing explicit as of chapter 4, but it's a fun read. Bunch of silly shenanigans.
Instantly became one of my favorite stories to follow. I love strong female characters and this girl not only can fight, but is quite clever too. So far (5 chapters) there's not much romance, but the plot more than makes up for it. The pacing seems to be moving pretty quickly though and I get the feeling we will get more romance soon. Whether our heroine finds love or not, I will keep enjoying this story as long as there's good story telling. I enjoy reading this and have more attachment to the characters than plotless smut, so I highly recommend if you're looking for something with a good story and a good adventure.
I liked it until it got weird...the plot twist was just too much for me. Otherwise a good story.
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