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Well this one was unexpected! Struck with Desire seems to have that perfect mixture of cute and sexy, in large part due to the atypical pairing of a very cutesy seme with a tall and handsome uke. At first I didn't recognise that it was written by Mishima Kazuhiko even though I have read many of her series. In Struck with Desire, Sensei's art is a little softer and more rounded than her usual hard angles and heavy lines. I'd really recommend people spend the money on this one. It was a lot of fun reading it~
In Jawbreaker, Nyan-Nya has created another Japanese-style American BL story. Logan and Daniel are childhood friends. Logan is a frustrated virgin with zero experience and nervously takes up Daniel's offer to be his kissing practice partner after it's offered in a very off-hand, take-it-or-leave-it way. Though her art style is great, I find it difficult to get emotionally invested in Nyan-Nya's stories. Logan and Daniel are very hard for me to relate to and I find it almost impossible to comprehend the way they act and react towards one another as the series moves forward. In my reading, Jawbreaker feels like a sort of caricature of Nyan-Nya's perception of American attitudes towards sexuality and relationships. Jawbreaker is not a bad series. Not by a long shot. I adore Nyan-Nya's art style and her sense of humor is great. There's also a hearty dose of angst, if that happens to be your thing. Evidently it isn't my cup of tea but I'll certainly be reading 'til the end.
This is a really lovely series about an older cat-like uke and a younger dog-like seme. The mangaka does a terrific job of incorporating the typical traits into her characters and allowing the differences to work between them to create great chemistry. The art style is great, detailed and dynamic and there's a lot of sweet romance mixed in with just the right amount of comedy. Very highly recommended for all yaoi readers! I hope the mangaka keeps producing great work just like this one.
The Man-Bra is no more and no less than what you
Loved it, loved it, loved it! Cute, funny, quirky, sexy... These stories are just a whole lot of fun. I really hope to see some more works by the mangaka.For hawk-eyed readers you may notice that the art style looks quite familiar. If you
Cute story and great art. I only wish it were longer!
This story was just so lovely, light and happy it was a pleasure to read. I
This Fish is a great read. Natsumi and Mei are both imperfect human beings with their own skewed views but with a confidence that comes from being comfortable with who they are. The story could have delved deeper into Mei's past but I think that a deep-and-meaningful would have been uncharacteristic for him and would have made the story gloomy and dark. The artistic style is just wonderful and the colour pages are stunning. I'm very much looking forward to reading more of Haruno Narita's works.
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