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It's pretty fast paced and some scenes are all over the place, I lost interest halfway through, the short stories all are fast and over in a flash. Personally wouldn't read it again.
Definitely worth the money, I hope this Author continues to draw manga/comics into the future!
I enjoyed the concept and all the ideas the novel planned to produce; I find it however to be a bit rushed and has a rather quick pace. I feel like some ideas should have been revealed in a later chapter to help character development flourish a bit more. The art style was nice, I did enjoy the chibi style when the jokes were thrown. Overall I would read the next chapter but I would hope it focuses more on one section of the plot ex; Character development, fears, Past Relationship ect) I will also give it the benefit that it is relatively cheap and an easy quick read.I would hate to be negligent of their ideas but again as a reader I have to focus on the enjoyment aspect;If I had to be specific I would rate it a solid 2.5 stars
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