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Pretty standard "actor has to keep his private life hidden" story. Yuma fell in love way too fast and out of nowhere. BUT it was cute in the end. Had some particularly cute scenes and lots of smut. I also liked Kei's personality, especially in contrast to Yuma's.
This is so cute! I love both of the main characters, they are so devoted to each other. The art is beautiful too. Every chapter has been so good so far, I'm always looking forward to the next one!
Haha this was great! The preview was so funny I bought the volume right away. It didn't dissapoint. The guys are super hot and so were the sex scenes. Worth every penny!!
This manga is amazing. I loved not only the art, but the story and characters too. It was really cute and then at the end the author was like "let me just throw in a bunch of kink right here" and I'm grateful lol. Even the author's end note story was hilarious and interesting. The bonus pages were good too. This is the full package right here tbh.
I love this series. The art and story are fantastic. It has just the right amount of balance between sexy scenes and character development. I'm always excited to see their relationship develop when a new chapter releases.
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