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There is the making of a really good story in here that gets put on the backburner for smut. It wraps up too quickly without a satisfying conclusion to the conflict, which just leaves me wishing the author had been given the opportunity to make this a two volume story. There is some dubcon and some noncon in the form of an emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend so be warned. I wanted to love this, but it really left me disappointed. Still a vey decent rental as long as you don't get your hopes up for a fully fleshed out story.
A delight! A wonderfully engrossing story that really utilized the omegaverse theme to its advantage. Like others have noted, there is some noncon that can be quite triggering, and even a little dubcon that is typical for Yaoi manga, but the story absolutely makes up for it. A fantastic addition to my collection.
Surprisingly sweet. Bought it expecting pure smut and got a really decent story.
So sweet! A fabulous combination of funny and dramatic, and both volumes are worth a buy! The second couple is also a wonderful little treat, but I want to know more about the main character's brother! Maybe someday! Very happy I bought both volumes!
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