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The story is light and it all happens in a glimpse. But sometimes I feel I need stories like this one. No drama with other woman or man.
I like the stories about inexperienced girls. The male is not a jerk, that's great. But, there are still cute misunderstandings and I like it. I rate it 4 stars because this feels a bit like comedy story. Nice but feels like too fast.But overall it is good ?
The art is quite clumsy, but still ok. The story is what I am fond of. A geek boy and a innocent girl. Eventhough FMC is a bit weird. Hahaha. But that's cute tho. The steamy scenes are not much.
This story is my preference. Clumsy bold guy and innocent girl. The guy is not a jerk. Thank to the author.The story is quite good, quite balanced. The art is quite good too.
Took too long for a simple story. But it is not bad. The art is too.
I prefer one shot stories like this. At least this is only about one couple. The story does not go too fast in my opinion. It is interresting that MC is a virgin. No third parties. This kind of storyboard is for me
This is very lovely and cute. The stories are about a certain couple who are childhood friends. The smut parts are rather quick so overall it is cute.
It is cute. Somehow I prefer married couple stories rather than dating. The MC is older and not a jerk. The smut part is quick but the story makes it up.
This is a lovely story. Hope there were more details of the story. But in fact, I love short series. Lol. Cant afford to buy the longer one.
The stories are simple and cute. The one I like is the teacher couple
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