Cacoethic's Reviews & Ratings

Hate to write a negative review but I was cringing and upset the entire time I read this. The male love interest is awful and always distrusts and insults the love interest. I have high tolerance for domineering and aggressive male leads, even deceptive ones!! this guy takes the cake and I hate him.
I'll give it props for making me cry but this one wasn't worth an upgrade. The love interests behaviour is extremely inappropriate even within the context of the situation. I glazed over at the end because I was really taken aback by how shallow their relationship ultimately seemed. Disappointing
This was a nice story with good art and excellent writing. However I can not get over the fact that (spoilers) there is a grown man in love with a child. They kiss out of necessity which is standard yaoi... but the adult has a "reaction" to it. I get why it happens and all the sexy seasons are between adults but I really dislike the vibe I got from this, almost like a child was groomed. Won't be renting permanently.
Love this artist and this is a nice enough plot but it was really shallow and I had trouble following along. I wish there was more depth to their relationship and the character of either party. I read it cover to cover but don't think it was was worth the points I spent for 48 hours.
The love interest in this one is amazing. I usually have to be in a certain mood to enjoy harlequin because there are so many tropes that make me angry if I'm not in the mood... This manga features patience, trust and love in a realistic and heartwarming way. Yes I cried! Yes I smiled! Yes it was amazing! Highly recommend this one.
I was totally charmed by Gregory. His relationship with the main characters little girl was such a delight to read! Can't wait to revisit this one over and over again.
This was heartwarming. Lacking in the surface level drama we see in a lot of the pregnancy Harlequins, this manga instead has some actual character development between multiple sets of people who love each other. Not to be taken too seriously but a very sweet little story.
I found the male lead to be unpleasantly forceful in this. I still enjoyed reading it but I felt he wasn't gentle enough with the female lead despite how kind she was. Definitely took some fun out of reading this one.