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The artwork is super cute and the female lead is very likeable. Sadly, even though I don't usually have a problem with dubcon, the male lead behaves in a really passive-aggressive and manipulative way which makes it more creepy than hot.
This is so underrated, I wish more people were reading this! I love marie and takaki so much. Amazing couple and wonderful relationship development. They've been through so much together to get to where they are now. No issue is glossed over unlike the more typical romances. Many of these issues are very real-world based, and I love how they eventually overcome these issues as they learn to open up to each other and their bond strengthens.
Realistic and believable. A bit hard to read only because I'm constantly on edge, worried that their love affair is found out, and Nakashima gets fired. Which would be really so sad seeing how he's putting his job on the line to be in a relationship with his student. And I adore Nakashima, he's so complex and three-dimensional. He's an ass, but not an ass - he reminds me of Fujishima from Over-cumming Writer's Block. Just hope their relationship deepens and strengthens. It's still very physical-based right now, and Saori is still very much an immature teenager compared to Nakashima's more mature, adult self, even if she doesn't think so herself.
A safe and predictable story, nothing much to see here.
It's steamy, but it also feels like I'm reading about an adult and a very young teenage boy in a sexual relationship which makes me a little uncomfortable reading this. I like how it isn't censored heavily though, you can see pretty much everything which is nice.
Unlike another title on here with a similar master/slave theme (the prison one), I actually care about the relationship that these two have going, and I am seriously rooting for them to end up together.Towa is perverse and a bit of an ass, but he's very charismatic, and it feels like he actually is capable of falling in love, given the right circumstances/woman. He's not just a soulless pretty face who's only role is to dish out the sex, unlike so many other male characters in these smut comics.Minato has the perfect mix of sass and vulnerability. I love how, in spite of being the older and supposedly more experienced one, the opposite is actually true. The juxtaposition between their age difference and their experience level is amazing. Minato surrenders to Towa with such innocence and vulnerability, and it seems like Towa cherishes and is protecting this in his own perverse way. Best of all it feels like there's a real possibility of a romance that's waiting to blossom. Love it!
2 stars for keeping me hooked enough that I completed the entire series. I kept on going, hoping that things would get better. Honestly felt like it could potentially be a good romance. But no, the male lead just becomes a bigger douche with each chapter, and out of the blue, everything is resolved and swept under the rug without addressing any of the issues that cropped up along the way. I like the female lead but she doesn't learn any lesson, doesn't get stronger or make better decisions, and just keeps letting everyone run over her. I'm rarely this harsh but this is honestly infuriating to read with a very illogical plot line.
I'm typically hooked by the second chapter if the story is decent, but not this one. Stuck with this for 5 chapters because the art is excellent. Unfortunately, there's NO chemistry between the two leads, even after 5 chapters. Their sex scenes especially, are boring and forced, and it feels like watching two dead fish go at it - not sexy at all.
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