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It's a cute story, but I feel like it could have used more character development than was provided for us. As it stood by the end of the story, I did not feel a strong investment in the character's struggles and the end felt unearned. Personally, I think that simplifying the plot and keeping it to just one or two points of conflict would have helped with character growth. There were parts that felt like filler content and could have been written differently to have better relevance to the story. I do not regret reading it, but it can use some improvements.
Love the story. While I have seen the allergy to opposite sex plot before, I like how this one tells it. And while the surface context is a cute romance, it clearly hints at a darker undertone that helps add some real depth to the story. Having just read the fifth chapter, I'm dying to know what happens next and to sneak a peak inside Taichi's (?) head to know why he did what he did. I definitely think it'd be a good idea to learn more about him and his own past if able.
It definitely has some promise, though it does have flaws. For one thing, the MC is strange to accept prostitution as her only option when clearly there are other routes to explore. Ryou shouldn't be getting drunk at his workplace, even if it is of that nature, and using it as an excuse to have sex. I will keep an eye on the series for now, but I hope that some more character development is explored to justify the actions taken so far. The boss character definitely has my curiousity though.
That was such a heartwarming story! A kind I didn't expect to find on this site. If a sequel of this were to be made, I'd love to see how the family dynamic continues with the addition of those children. Would Lara become a stay-at-home mom? Would she go back to working with the love of her life? I'd love to meet the ex just once to see if the woman ever regretted her decision and considered patching things up with her children. It really connected with me how blood didn't define them as family, and I would love to see that idea explored further, possibly with the inclusion of that woman. After all, as long as they love you, there is no limit on who you can consider family. And I hope that the scar on those children can be addressed by the woman who left them there, as no amount of mending from an outside source will completely erase that pain.Anyways, just wanted to say that I'm really happy with this story and am looking forward to rereading it in the future.
It doesn't tie up the ending very well, as it implies at least one more chapter to come. However, it does have a very nice set up. If there's two things that could imorove the story, I'd say that there should be more explanation regarding motives - both men seem to have no real reason for their actions - and that the relationship between the heroine and her interest needs to be more developed. As it stands, it appears that her original feelings of love were flimsy, and I don't think that was the intent. Like I said, it could benefit from another chapter.
Though I'm a little disappointed with who she ultimately chose, it was clear that was the path this story was taking the entire time. Beautifully written, lots of nice emotions, and I love how the protagonist decided to be herself before the "liar reveal" route fell into place. I'm glad I finished it to the end.
I think the story is rather cute. I'd love to see a sequel story just to know how the three of them manage to co-exist or even to explain how that game came to creation in the first place. Does Aoi have a conscience both inside and outside the game? Is he programmed to love our heroine, or did he decide that for himself out of the entire pool of people who own the game? What happens if he doesn't return? So many possibilities the story could take if it chose to continue exploring. I'd also love to have seen the characters fleshed out a little more (they were a little flat compared to what I prefer), and the abrupt ending to the first chapter leaves the impression that it could be continued if it wanted to be. At the same time however, I wished the ending could have felt a little more defined. If this is the only story to be, I'd rather it felt a little more like an end. Overall, definitely not a bad story to check out if you have the time.
It was interesting, but felt a little rushed near the end. It'd have been nice if the heroine's inner conflict of being stuck between the two brothers was focused on a little more, as the transition from her being blackmailed to wanting to help the two brothers reunite felt a little shallow. Otherwise, it was a pretty nice light read. Thanks for the hard work.
It's an interesting idea. I'll give it that. But the execution isn't very satisfying. Perhaps if the manga was longer, there'd be a better development, but as of now it's rushed at best. Key details of the story aren't explained properly and for a manga that rapes its heroine, that's especially not a good thing. Not necessarily the worst I've read... but it definitely could be better.
This story is awesome. Though it's a little unrealistic to have someone so innocent, the interactions the two share are quite natural and almost addictive. Can't wait to see what comes next.
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