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I'm really excited for this one. The art is lovely and I'm looking forward seeing how their relationship plays out. Sure we get a lot of stories with the shy types, but this main character is a lot more reclusive than the usual. There's only the first volume when I'm writing this, so it's hard to give it 5 right off the bat, but I've low-balled scores before on series I end up really loving so I'm going to hope for the best. Hope this continues soon!
I LOVE this series. For 5 tickets you get 140+ pages with interesting characters, mysteries, and quality smut. It's nice to see a comic like this with dynamic and sometimes crass characters. I really care about everyone in this series. I'm sad there's only two books released so far and I hope they update soon! I want to know where everything is headed. (submitted 4/5/18)
The cover art might not look like much, but I loved this story! The supernatural element kept me guessing and Rino and Soji were very cute. This series is actually complete, so no waiting for a conclusion! Sweet and very sexy, worth the cost for me.
I love Rio a lot. Her bluntness and dedication to her writing makes for a hilarious dynamic between her and Mr. Fujishima. Her cluelessness does lead to a few frustrating moments, but I'm curious to where the story will go next. Only 5 chapters out while I'm reviewing this, but I'm hooked. Insanely hot and a refreshing read.
Knocked down for the seemingly random editing out of the shibari tying in book 2. It's just in the first scene in it, and for some reason it's completely erased, even though it's in other portions of the comic fully intact. I'm not sure why it's just in the one scene, but it was rather distracting. It's a nice exploration of being trapped like a butterfly and the beauty of that, but everything just kinda feels surface level? I was a little disappointed in the lack of substance to the story. I still haven't bought the last chapter worth 6 tickets, but for now I'll probably hold off.
It's pretty much decided. I will buy anything by this artist! This one is great bc it is so long, it has time to really develop personalities. The sex is pretty much present in every chapter too which is a nice bonus (and their art is always so beautiful in any situation, sexual or not). I'm halfway through, but I'm interested to see how this story will continue. If you're unsure pick up one of their 1-ticket stories for a good sampling! All have not disappointed me.
I have fallen in love with Wasou Miyakoshi's work thanks to this site. Gorgeous art, lovely characters and this story felt really sweet and heartfelt. It was a little short, and could have used a bit more time to develop (like their "10 years"story) but it was nice getting this sort of subject matter handled wonderfully. Highly recommend this series.
Childhood friend and megane. Double shot to the heart!! Short and sweet, I feel in love with the art style in the 10 years husband story by the same duo. This one is a little more typical of a story but I love that both of the stories I've read by them have scenes of female friendship as well. So many of these don't include that kind of relationship so it's nice to get it and have it work well. ANYWAYS, this story was very cute, sexy, and worth the 1 ticket per chapter. I can't wait to read more of their work.
Ugh I'm weak to childhood friend stories. I love this story so much. Really great read with lots of really beautiful art.
After the first couple of books I thought, there's not that much other than sadistic voyuerism. But once you get to book 3 things start to get a little more interesting with more character development and mystery. Now after finishing book 7, I'm invested in how this will continue. Make it through the first two, and stay for the mystery (and the rampant sex, which I can't complain about ;P ).
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