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I agree with that reviewer that said this was generic. It's not bad, just "meh." And the blonde MC in the first couple is kind of annoying tbh.
I dunno, I feel like the high reviews must've been blinded by the smut because I couldn't really take this seriously at all. It's not good but I guess I've seen worse.
It's good. I will say though, I'm at chapter 11 and the dude trying to get in the way of the leads relationship is so so stupid. You'll get what I mean when you reach there. I don't care what kind of sob story he gets later, that behavior is not only stupid, but clearly dude has way too much free time and nothing better to do with his life. Fatherless behavior fr fr.
Nothing wrong with good 'ol plotless smut sometimes.
I nearly clapped after chapter 10. I'm rooting so hard the female MC.
It's great. The FL in this is hilarious, which is great and somewhat rare. Cuz let's be honest a lot of female leads in smut manga have about as much personality as wet sand.
Lol wtf was this? I clicked on it for the art but the story was just...no.
It was cute overall. But the misunderstanding near the end was really out of nowhere.
This was fantastic. The female lead is likable, the male lead is a hot and unexpectedly hilarious character. The sister and the husband aren't evil or anything but I still think they're complete shitheads (you want him by the FL's side? Even knowing he doesn't love her?? What is wrong with you?? Don't even get me started on the husband. The guy clearly has the respect for the female lead, what a piece of garbage).
Wasn't a bad read. Stands out a little because of how mutual the love is. They're relatively equally obsessed (as opposed to a lot of these smut manga where the relationship feels very uneven emotion-wise). The male lead is kind of a dick tho. How irritating it is, is tempered by how much he loves the female lead. But he's still kind of a dick. Harps on the female lead sometimes as if he's not just as flawed.
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