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Everything is great except for one thing: the love triangle. So many volumes in, yet the 2nd guy is still a thing?? Ffs. Unless the mangaka is planning to make this a polyamory thing (unlikely), can he just gtfo? Please, for the love of all that is good.
I only read the 1st volume so take what I say with a grain of salt: Hated it. You gotta suspend your disbelief with smut manga like this, but even still I really didn't like this. Pacing is odd, the students are assholes, the other teachers are completely useless. Especially those 3 students, they deserve multiple punches to the face.
I'm giving it a 3 because I'm assuming f I'm the other reviews that it gets better, but frankly the main female character is pretty annoying.
So far, Chise seems like both a terrible friend and a terrible love interest tbh.
Loool this was great. I'm echoing what everyone has already said but whatever: the MC is fantastic. Fr she's so likable and level-headed. We need more MCs like her in shoujo. Not the one's that fall in love out of nowhere after 1 chapter and blush every panel.Literally the only critique I have is maybe how she keeps calling herself plain when she's not. Might just be a consequence of the art style tho.
Very cute. I liked all the characters. The main couple's dynamic was cute and the MC's straight friend was such a nice dude.
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