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It's good!
This was pretty good! Fingers crossed it continues
I don't think Sakura needed to apologize tbh
Maybe it gets better. I read the first chapter and was surprised by the high rating. ML is an asshole. I can't imagine someone in the FL's position falling in love with him, she needs to be plotting on how to shiv him during the smut scenes.
It's cuuute. I actually quite liked this and I'm not usually a fan of the dom/sub trope where it might as well be omegaverse (always wondered what actual bdsm people think about this version of dom/sub? Feels like a bastardization of the real thing).That said the main couple really have great chemistry together. Their dynamic is fun and the slow burn of them realizing their feelings is nice.I'm only dropping it for now because I see where they're going with the love rival and I don't have energy for all that rn.The interaction where we fully realize the love rival is a love rival gave strong shoujo manga vibes too, which was both nostalgic and annoying.
I'm sorry, this was so meh, at least judging by the first chapter. Maybe it gets better as it goes on.Everything happened in the blink of an eye and the premise is so difficult to take even slightly seriously.I might be being a bit harsh on it but the 5 star raised my expectations and then actually reading it dropped them down again lol.
I agree with that reviewer that said this was generic. It's not bad, just "meh." And the blonde MC in the first couple is kind of annoying tbh.
I dunno, I feel like the high reviews must've been blinded by the smut because I couldn't really take this seriously at all. It's not good but I guess I've seen worse.
It's good. I will say though, I'm at chapter 11 and the dude trying to get in the way of the leads relationship is so so stupid. You'll get what I mean when you reach there. I don't care what kind of sob story he gets later, that behavior is not only stupid, but clearly dude has way too much free time and nothing better to do with his life. Fatherless behavior fr fr.
Nothing wrong with good 'ol plotless smut sometimes.
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