Illusionl's Reviews & Ratings

Kind of short not really worth 699 but a good story overall no dumb drama other than what went on in their heads
What a roller coaster. I feel like so much happened and so much didn't happen. Of course a lot of things were left unresolved from my perspective that is and the female lead is always too forgiving. But that's harlequin manga for you so without those two things it's a wonderful story.
It's a nice story just really short and nothing actually happens.
I do like the ending of the sorry but just a heads up force, drugs and kidnapping is used on the female lead by the male lead to get what he wants which makes the story not so great because who would want that.
Kind of short and straight to the point, but also just missing a lot of impact, seemed too easy
I really like this story because it gave a lot of detail to their first meeting, most secret child stories only give a short glimpse but this gave about half the story to how they met and what led to their breakup while the second half was to the aftermath.
Honestly a wonderful story, I was never frustrated with either of the leads as both did things correctly and understandably.
Beautiful art but the story is frustrating, the lead female just does as she's told after being treated like property and when her husband doesn't believe her and throws her out she immediately forgives him after he apologizes. I understand love is blind but I didn't know it made you stupid too.
It's okay. I've always been a fan of jumping from past to present to tell a story. My issue is that I feel there's not enough context to support the ending. I understand that it can be insinuated but I just felt the story had a lot more potential and could have been longer giving the story more relatable feelings.
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