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The forbidden love troupe is featured in this manga. I love it. I have read all the way to chapter 11 only to have it end on a cliff hanger. I really hope Yuki and Ritsu end up together. I ship them so hard.
I was really enjoying this, and then it just... ended. I'm disappointed with the ending. I just wish there was some sort of closure since I was rooting for Airi and Toma.
The premise is a bit odd, but it didn't seem bad. I'm definitely interested in seeing where this will go.
I'm enjoying this so far! I'm a sucker for forbidden romance and love triangles. Im also hoping for a
I have read all the latest chapters and I absolutely love it. Taichi is one of the most sincere characters I have met in a manga like this. It's sweet and he cares for the lead (can't remember her name right now), and I can tell that he wants to help her out.
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