Haru's Reviews & Ratings

I'm also here for the plot, BUT it's really good. Kind of cringe with the "make me your woman" troupe but if you're into that and love villains it's pretty top tier. Some of the dialogue is hard to follow, like who is talking, but I love this story. Gozu's pretty twisted and Eve is too cute.
I really enjoyed this story, it is extremely funny, I enjoyed the friendly banter between all the characters and I liked the story concept as a whole as well. This is a great romantic comedy.
I pretty much love stories where the main character gets with the "bad guy" and honestly this series manages to make a nice little twist with how the characters work. I really enjoy this series and if you can handle a heroine who is a little clueless I 100% recommend this series. I feel like her cluelessness helps gives "bad characters" a time to truly be properly labeled as "misunderstood and hurting" and I'm honestly living for that.Really looking forward to more chapters.
I would say that this manga series is the entire reason why I got back into Renta over the years because it's just so good. I typically hate dumb characters but the Mangala manages to make Tsugumi such a loveable dork. I appreciate how the two care about being their own person over the typical alpha/omega "we're fated let's do it" trope. The art style is amazing, the story flow is great, and I'm looking forward to more whenever that is. I'm a huge fan of this series ?