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The story is as advertised, although you should be aware that at least 2 of the 3 brothers are a bit sadistic. It does not fall in the "sweet love" category, but definitely in the forbidden love / love triangle realm. Currently on volume 3. Be aware that there is a date rape scene in volume 3, if you're uncomfortable with those scenarios. Both the artwork and story are 4 stars. It takes 2 volumes for the main character to fully realize that her step-siblings have romantic feelings for her, so the progression is a bit slow. In volume 3, the three seemingly stereotypical male characters are starting to reveal hidden personality traits as they vie for the main character's heart.
A pure-minded delinquent encounters a female otaku by accident. Due to a few coincidences, they meet regularly at school and fall in love. I've read the first two chapters, and there aren't any steamy scenes yet - just accidental stuff. The artwork is good and the couple is cute. Both chapters end on cliff-hangers, so be aware that if you rent one, you'll probably want to rent the next one. A rival makes an entrance in the second chapter so we'll see how that progresses the story in the future.
Very nice artwork and sufficient storyline to make me wonder what's going to happen next. Looking forward to the next volume.
I read volume 1 only. There are 4 storylines in the book. Only the first one involves werewolves, the other 3 are all unrelated yaoi. The first story is werewolf/human, with a kid from a previous relationship. Aside from them suddenly living together, the relationship progression is very slow. The emotional connection is also uncertain - who falls in love with a person and then marries and has a kid with another? If you're looking for steamy scenes in this relationship, you'll be disappointed. Volume 2 might be different. The 2nd storyline is human/human, and a dominant/submissive relationship. It's a short story, so character development is minimal. The 3rd story is human/human couple, and it's a sweet romance. The 4th story is also human/human and a mutual romance between a younger and older coworker. 3 stars overall for being okay. I'm glad I didn't buy it, because there wasn't anything amazing or memorable about the artwork or stories. It's not bad as a rent, though.
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