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Hoping it gets better. Moves fast is right... And there first chapter ends right when things are heating up... Kind of annoying timing wise. Would like to find out how he knows her in the next chapter. Also, it's a little difficult to read on your phone, if that's how you read on here.
I've gotten to issue five and they haven't explained anything yet. The main girl is still spineless and the guy is acting like a jealous boyfriend even though they aren't dating they are just still doing the sex for rent arrangement they started in issue one. If you didn't like issue one you won't like the next four.
Story (little of it that there is) seems over although it doesn't say complete. Basically she gets pinned against someone's pocket when riding the train and his phone starts vibrating. Turns out he's her new co-worker and he has the wrong idea about what happened. The "blahs" the writer used for "shop talk" made me LoL. The first issue was a little expensive, but you're basically getting two chapters in one issue, the art style is nice, and both volumes are in full color.
I like the premise... although the first issue seemed rushed. I'm wondering if there are going to be more issues? I'm not sure it's worth 3 tickets. 2 for unlimited would be reasonable.
Wonderful story so far, I'm on Act 4. I can't wait for the next issue, this one is totally worth the tickets.
Hot, funny, different, not real big on an actual story... but worth the tickets. There's only six chapters but the ending is nice.
It's two stories. The first one is as described, the second is about a couple where the girl has amnesia. The second story is pretty good. The first one was kind of disappointingly predictable.
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