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Only on the first two chapters but there is a very “Netflix and chill” theme. But I like that the female MC is open about wanting to have sex and what she likes. I also like that the male MC doesn't try to make her feel uncomfortable at all. I'm excited to see what drama awaits!
You will literally see line “my traitorous butthole”. SO GOOD!
This is definitely one for those who like a fetish story. Does move along quickly but I thought it was cute.
One of my favorite authors! This story is so cute!
First off, this is an anthology with 7 stories and is around 200 pages. Basically, the stories are short. The first story was cute and the other stories have different themes. If you are looking for a quick read with different types of stories I do recommend this. The art is great and while all the stories weren't up my ally it is nice to have different types of stories in one sitting especially if you prefer anthologies. However, if you like stories with a lot of detail and depth this probably isn't for you.
This story is about two friends uniting years after a tragedy occurred. The intimate scenes tie into the story rather than just in your face. I recommend this story if you are looking for something with heavier and emotional themes.
I'm giving this one star because the female MC gets sexually assaulted twice then the male MC comes to
The story moves a little fast but the concept is interesting.
This smutty goodness! I'm a huge sucker for buff dudes that are feminine. There's a lot of steam but the first story is sweet too! The second story is about a trio, while it's obvious the third party is just stirring the pot I would have liked to see his background explained a little more. However, the steam will keep the smut lovers drooling.
This story is funny, sexy and down to earth. The female MC isn't a complete idiot and the male MC is the right amount of cute. I like the art but the story is so good! One to be reread several times!
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