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Cute and funny hehe
Got a different vibe to it than most BL, but it was interesting and cute ! :)
If you love arrogant rich boys being put in their place, you should read this!! It's so good, I love this ship dynamic +Q+ Can't wait for more chapters!!!!!
Omg they're so cute!!!! The story is so cute!!!! Everything about this is so cute!!!!!!!!!!
Ahhhh the art style is so pretty!! Will be looking forward to the next chapter ~
Beautiful, adventurous, and honestly breath taking. The art style is sooo pretty!! It's really story heavy with minimal smut (there is a scene but don't expect anything graphic;; as much as I like my smut, I appreciate that they didn't focus too much on it in this) Looking forward to the next volume; really hope nothing horrible happens to the MCs..
Cuuute! This is a sequel focusing on a different pairing from "You're My Princess" from the same author, so if you enjoyed that title, I'm sure you'll enjoy this~ I actually really enjoyed this one over its prequel!
One of the sweetest, sexiest, and gorgeous BLs I've ever read
Suuuper cute!! If you're into fluff and comedy, would recommend this!
Cuuuute and gorgeousssss
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