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Wowowow this was hecking sexy, super romantic and really fluffy hhhh-- also the word demon concept was unique imo
This is so adorable and erotic and...wholesome it's just-- hnngggg
Breathes heavily....tsundere bottom x persistent obsessive top..!!! ? jumps pretty fast to the H scene and there is dub-con due to the nature of the pair dynamics. Otherwise art is really pretty; I'll be anxiously awaiting new chapters !!
The art is totally gorgeous, the H scenes are super erotic, and the comedy is so over the top I love it :^)
Omg haha this is so funny and cute!! "Why art thou horny to the max?!" I'm dyingg
Ahhh this is so cute and the art is so fluid and pretty!!! The story is also a satisfying light read! I recommend!!
Cute and funny hehe
Got a different vibe to it than most BL, but it was interesting and cute ! :)
If you love arrogant rich boys being put in their place, you should read this!! It's so good, I love this ship dynamic +Q+ Can't wait for more chapters!!!!!
Omg they're so cute!!!! The story is so cute!!!! Everything about this is so cute!!!!!!!!!!
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