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Love both the main story's couple dynamics (rival doctors) as well as the side story's (deadpan doctor x two-faced tv announcer). The art is great, all the characters are super hot, but yeah as the other reviewer said, not much smexy times if you were looking for that, unfortunately. Still a good read!
So so so lovely and sexy and gorgeous omg-
Cute cute cute!!!!!
Oh my god this is so good- the art is great, the story and pacing is great, and the h scenes hnnggg--
This looks cute and promising !!
Sexy and cute, they make me smile like an idiot :)
Wowowow this was hecking sexy, super romantic and really fluffy hhhh-- also the word demon concept was unique imo
This is so adorable and erotic and...wholesome it's just-- hnngggg
Breathes heavily....tsundere bottom x persistent obsessive top..!!! ? jumps pretty fast to the H scene and there is dub-con due to the nature of the pair dynamics. Otherwise art is really pretty; I'll be anxiously awaiting new chapters !!
The art is totally gorgeous, the H scenes are super erotic, and the comedy is so over the top I love it :^)
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