Labj143's Reviews & Ratings

The story is simple. The art is pretty though. The plot is fine but the writing lacks substance. So it's hard to get attached to characters. You don't get much depth in the MC or other characters. For example, the MC is in a new place, but she not only moves on emotionally instantly, she also doesn't struggle with a new environment. Little things like how a change in diet or getting used to be people affects a person makes a character to feel more real. But there's none of that.
Promising! It's sexy and funny. I still definitely continue to read.
Struggling to communicate is something everyone deals with and this story shows just how tough that can be for some people. This type of mundane drama was what I needed. No exaggerated characters, but something that felt real and relatable. The two struggle over their own trauma and and do the best they can to work through things.