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I thought the story and MC was complete garbage. Typical fragile Mary-Sue female who is a doubt-filled doormat with zero self-respect who only exists to create conflict for two guys to fight over as if there were no other intelligent and beautiful women with their shit together left in the world. Characters are completely self absorbed and unrelatable. Sigh...I had to stop reading after a few chapters because it was rage-inducing.
Great series
Boring Mary-Sue type story, the artwork isn't very impressive either. Pass.
This is a collection of short romantic stories with smut. The art is...all right, not the best--but the stories are a little bit better. Repetitive themes/situations/smut. There are better stories/art out there.
SQUEEEE! The characters are adorable, and the story flows very well--lots of comedic moments mixed in with sensual ones. There were scenes that had me giggling out loud. XD I don't want to spoil anything, but I had a great time reading this manga and look forward to the next installment. Highly recommend. :)
A very 'safe' manga about a typical newbie couple. There is one implied sex scene (lol yes, implied, you can't see much, if anything) but otherwise... there is NO sadism in this story, despite the title. Author probably used it to generate interest (it's a lie). The art is well-drawn, but honestly the story is lacking. I would recommend reading the free part and then use your imagination for the rest--would not recommend paying for the 2nd part.
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