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The story and premise wasn't bad necessarily. It was, however, a little bit too rushed, and I could have done with less "punishment" scenes though I do understand that the story relies heavily on that theme. More scenes and story development between the protagonists and how they dealt with it should have been the priority, I think.
For the most part, I enjoyed it. The artwork was pretty good.That being said, there was a bit much to unpack here. Looked like the author was going for a horror/mystery here--which was promising--but the plot was a little underdeveloped. Also, the character development and the relationship between them is a little sketchy. All-in-all it probably benefitted with a longer format than this ( although this was a novel-length piece.).
Gentle, cute, and funny. Not overly angsty and conflict filled like some HS based shonen ai comics can be. Pretty refreshing actually.There aren't any sex scenes, so if that's what you're looking for, no dice. Artwork is very good, very clean for the most part.
Super adorable. The art and story were as cute and sweet as I'm sure the chiffon cake was.A gentle story, light on the super dramatic angst so often seen in stories of this type, I really enjoyed it.
Anthology series. The stories and art are good. The only problem I had was the fatphobic stuff in the first story (which is probably why it's my least favorite story in the book.) but the other stories are good.That being said, it's not the most spectacular read, but decent.
This is quite possibly the cutest thing I've read.It's not rushed, although you can tell there is clear progression of time. It was fun to watch those two fall in love, then watch them realise their feelings. It's a gentle story, where the conflict is mostly--if any--internal. I enjoyed how it was so natural and sensible, rather than having crazy conflict forcing things through.Very sweet.
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