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I think this may be the best one out of this series so I gave it 5 stars. I did rent it but don't think I would buy it. I am actually still debating how re-readable I think it is. I think there are some better voice actor BL stories on this site. It is low on smut and the quality of the scan is not great. Ryuichi and Tohru are the best couple in the series. The storyline was better and more solid than the first one in the series. And I think the reason for any drama between them was the most believable out of all three stories in the series. I think it is worth renting for the story at least. You also get to check in with the MC from the first story and see that they are doing just fine which is nice.
I might be a little generous with a 4 star rating. It is good as a rental and I would not re-read. It isn't anything really special. I have read better series about voice actors but it is a fun read as a rental. There is no cheating and the drama is more about lack of communication and not realizing their feelings right away (at least for the uke). The uke also does that annoying thing where they ignore or don't answer texts or calls to drive some drama. The friend Ryuichi I found more enjoyable than the main couple. Very low on smut so don't read it for that.
I have only read the first chapter but am giving it 5 stars for the alpha bottom and omega top. You just really don't see that in the omegaverse that much. I am looking forward to seeing how this develops.
I am going to give it 5 stars but may be more of a 4 star story. It was cute. It is childhood friends to lovers. Of course the seme did not remember the uke at first. Now I need a sequel for Yaoi and his potential love interest. I think that story would be awesome. Yaoi the friend in this was a bit more interesting to me than the MC but still a good mainly drama free romance.
I love anything by this author. So sweet and fluffy. The stories feel so purifying to the soul. Don't expect smut in these stories but they are super cute and sweet. I just love them.
I love this series. It is super cute and fluffy but they do seriously address their relationships. With each one you see this couple develop and the relationship get stronger. They also work to address any issues. I love how Ichito flips between normal size and cute Chiba. At first I wasn't sure about this series because it was a bit different than what I was used to but I love it now. Also, when I had read the first volume I had felt the story was incomplete and now I see why. There are a bunch of volumes now. This series is a really fun read. I look forward to more volumes.
I really enjoyed this one. This is a sequel and I found the main story and other stories in this so much better than the first one. I enjoyed every one of the stories and will be re-reading it. When I read the previous book in this series I thought it was
This was a little over the top in humor, had nice sexy scenes in the main story. The over the top-ness of the story is what turned me off. Also, I did not feel as invested in them as a couple. The one shots were okay but not great and I would not re-read. The sequel is really good though so this would be good to rent to read. It also makes you appreciate how the author had really improved in story telling when you read the sequel.
This was a really good collection. As someone said the first and last stories are standalone. The ones revolving around the town hall are all interconnected. The second story (first town hall one) had me in tears. It was so good. I think all of them are good stories and the weakest story may be the last one with the nephew and uncle. This collection is worth re-reading.
This could be a 5 star if there is a sequel. This could have been longer and was low on smut. Also, the drama wasn't that bad. I don't want to give too much away but the uke likes another guy and sleeps with him and the best friend (with feelings for the uke) gets in on the action. That drives the beginning of the story but it is a good old story of guys having unspoken feelings and just needing to communicate their love to that person. Even the sex buddy roommate wasn't really a bad guy and I feel like there should be a sequel with his story in the future. Not as good as some of the author's other stories but not bad. And as I said. If there is a sequel, I feel it will be even better.
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