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It's really abusive and predatory the way his friend acts towards Yuki. It's disturbing and doesn't make for a good romance at all
I decided to take a chance on this one because of the varied reviews with NO INFO. Yeah well, this ended very abruptly and it's pretty expensive for how sparse the content was. There's some sex and a plot, but it wasn't fully hashed out yet. I want to know what happens next but is something going to be released?!
Umm that's it? I mean, it's hot and I know the synopsis describes the plot well, but I wasn't expecting it to play out the way it did. I'm just surprised by how short it seemed and how abruptly it ended
This was soooo cute. Yes, there's sex but it's vanilla and it's more about the cute relationships between young adults.
Not really sexy and the plot moves too fast. I guess I expected more but it failed to deliver
Quick read, sexy. Fun.
Good sex scenes and good pacing for the story. It's not amazing but it's a fun read all the same
Cute story and some good smut. I didn't love it but it was sort of fun to read.
It's ok. A little sexy but mostly vanilla and wrapped up too neatly too quickly. Also, there was definitely no love triangle in any real way. Really disappointing.
I think this is a really average and cheesy story. It didn't develop the way I thought it would and really, the ending is open so you could be frustrated, but it was an OK read. It's not something I would recommend though considering how annoying the heroine is with her extremely low self-esteem and I absolutely dislike cutesy shota types
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