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I really enjoyed this story! The top is deranged in a really subtle way, at first, before breaking out the chains and kidnapping his love interest. And even once he does, they only have full-on sex once the bottom admits he loves him back. The bottom developing something of a pain kink by the end was a delightful surprise, and I did not see it coming!This was a surprisingly happy story, despite the bottom being melancholic and the top being yandere, and recommend it for anyone who enjoys obsessive love!
I am absolutely loving this series! Very worth the money, and I plan on buying each new chapter as they release!
Not bad, over all hot, but only the one pairing (which the first three chapters and the epilogue are dedicated to) involves a beastman. There's a short story involving a plant man, but that's about it. Half the book is normal humans, which is disappointing.Like, it's hot, but not what I thought I was buying.
This would be a five star review, but the low resolution of the images at some points is a bit of a problem - the smallest text is almost unreadable! It sucks that I'm paying money for something with lower quality than your average fan scanslation. Otherwise the story itself is very cute, the sex is pretty good (very good for a first effort!), and it all works very well together! Also, the translation and editing are also of very good quality, which is a big deal! Truly, the image compression is the only thing taking away from this work, and even that's only a minor complaint. Very worth the price I paid for a 48 hour rental!
While the first two chapters are about brothers in an incestuous relationship (not half- or step-brothers, surprisingly!), the rest of the stories are of the "big bro/little bro" power dynamic sort, with one character having some form of power or authority over the other (be that the boss of a now-dead but still pining employee, or an experienced trucker and the young hitchhiker who reminds him of his childhood dog). They're all very good stories, and well worth buying, they're just not all about literal brothers! ...The ghost one was particularly cute, and I really recommend it.
The art is good, the editing is great, and the story is hot with some really cute moments! The design of the mascot suit itself is pretty basic, so if that matters to you, you might be disappointed. Overall, a good purchase!
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