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It uses tropes seen in many Yaoi. However, it uniquely makes connections between stories and has nice development. The mangaka features a Lily of the Valley--extra brownie points there--which is highly sweet-smelling and highly poisonous. When it appears, Takao says it is wilting and later says someone brought it into the classroom. In the next story, Yuki finds the flower in his bag, which -- surprise, surprise -- was given to him by Kanda-sensei.As for the development of 'certain characters': Takao, for the obvious reasons: He hadn't his own voice, then became much more an individual when Hiroto along. Kanda-sensei, a thing I applaud him for is even though it's obviously annoying to have to listen to the person you like despair over someone else, he eases and surprises (me and) Yuki by saying, "You were and will always be... Takao's hero."Really, if you want something simple but slightly different from the average BL Slice of Life affair, then I'd definitely recommend reading this.
Another wonderful collection of stories. The whole point was to show us the "negative" aspects of life, and that was exactly what we got. I wouldn't expect anything less from Harada-sensei.
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