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Are you seriously kidding me!?!? If you want to know why I'm so frustrated go ahead and read this yall
It tugs on my heartstrings... closure is really important. acceptance is a really hard thing to do!
Not too dramatic, quite comical actually.
The art here is beautiful!!! Add in an interesting story. I'll definitely follow. I am now prepared for steamy scenes.
Get's me so excited for what's to come afterwards. The male lead makes me blush. He is so forward and I like that he does not beat around the bush, compared to other age gap stories where the older guy is usually very reserved/hesitant. He is indeed Mr. Suave
Kudos to the author and the illustrator! The flow of the story and how it was delivered had me so absorbed and actually crying buckets when I least expected to do so. I'm so happy for the both of them..so happy that they got closure... so sad about the truth... but have tears of joy that they were able to finally move on. Give this one a go!!! There's definitely a lesson in this story.
This is a rom-com. He really is way too serious! Lol. Give this a shot if you want some giggles
This is so good! Art is great but the feels I get when reading the story line is definitely crushing my heart. Wish each chapter is longer.
Beautiful story and art!It shows the struggle and process of getting over something painful and traumatic and how it would never take place if one does not put their foot out there first. I'm glad she met the right people to heal her wounds and continue growing.
What a refreshing story. It also deals with family issues. There's no doubt even a healthcare provider is also a human with their own set of difficulties. One thing for sure is to never ever let children feel/know they are baggages. I say they are were made for each other. They both are stubborn so it'll be fun.Go ahead and give this a shot at reading!
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