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FANTASTIC continuation of My Dearest Cop Vol 1. I could read about this couple for 10 more volumes and it still wouldn't be enough!! If you're reading this and you *haven't* already bought everything of Niyama-sensei's that Renta has, please just do yourself a favor and get them all. You will not regret it.
This is VERY steamy, so if non-stop sexytimes is what you're looking for, you've come to the right place! **However** please be aware that volume 3 contains actual sexual assault. Not handwavey "he's saying no but he means yes" stuff -- actual on-page non-consensual drugging and assault. Just FYI.
Hey you. Yeah, you. Hi! You're reading reviews of this manga, so you're obviously already interested, right? Let me give you a little advice: Just buy it. Buy all of it. You won't regret it. This is probably my favorite manga I've read on Renta so far. It's *SO* sweet, really funny, and incredibly genuine. The age gap is GREAT (and handled really well), and the progression of Naohito and Tohru's relationship is believable and SO well-paced. Just... please just buy this manga. Imho it counts as self-care, it's THAT good. Treat yo' self!!
This manga is SO SWEET. I loved everything about it. All the characters were so well-developed and believable. I adored the dynamic of the main pairing (the age gap was really well done), and the side pairing was great too! Also, *consent* was handled well -- when boundaries were pushed, characters were genuinely apologetic, which I appreciated. I'd love to read more of these characters. <3
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