Ally's Reviews & Ratings

I kept thinking the story would turn... and it just made me sad. So Dark.
I love this manga, it's fluffy and adorable- but I need the last 2 chapters, Please!!
This was cute. It's a story about an innocent rich kid trying to be someone he's not, and a guy who was once a gangster type and has now grown into a responsible adult. The guy is extremely patient with the kid as he dredges up the past trying to revive the glory days and also begs to be taught the ways of the world. :) Cute, funny, and sweet. It could have used 1 more installment to really flesh out the ending, but I'm not disappointed.
So upsetting. This had potential to be a cute quick fetishy friends to lovers story. But for some reason it stops before anything can happen. Don't waste your points until there's a 3rd or 4th chapter added.
Would love to see a series in this world where we find out about Aya's mom, maybe those best friends hook up, and we continue the development of Aya and Nazu's relationship. Overall a very cute book that does tread the non-con line and explores complications and insecurities of a blossoming relationship.
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