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Okay the start of the series .. we got an intro of the poor heroine , Sakura chan experiencing a heart-break and then later got introduced with the nice gentleman, Makoto san who soon they both become attaracted to one another TT <3 Tho it starts a bit fast pace one night stand at first, but as you go slowly (currently it's chapter 3) we got bit of backstory here and there as in why Makoto san is attracted to Sakura chan in the first place, and I'm looking forward to this development! Sobs I can sense there might be angst incoming or some heartbreak scenes ;;; The art is really BEAUTIFUL <3 Sakura chan is really CUTE and PRETTY arghh and it's funny when she don't recognize the boss at first :'D hahaha But I LOVE A GOOD GENTLEMAN OMG MAKOTO <3
Totally love a manga that represents Fangirls/Fujoshi! I love Yui chan! The main heroine really represents the life of a typical fangirl who loves 2D man, listens otome drama cds, idols etc. eventhough she gained her love experience from fictional media, but she still innocent and yet to experience real love and I'm looking forward how she can teach the arrogant Kazuki about this.. the first encounter was so funny hahah can't wait for next chapter !!
Everything about this series is so cute , it has that bittersweet drama in the middle both trying to figure out their feelings , and I love both characters development throughout this stories, I love the girl MC really funny, and charming in her own way
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