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Okay... this was a wonderfully refreshing manga! The characters are unique, the female protagonist particularly. Unlike most of the usual female tropes in romance stories, Viola really is someone who sets herself apart. While a very determined and confident person, she is also humble at the same time whether interacting with the staff or nobility. I also love the slow progression going with the duke and how his feelings toward Viola go from seeing her as a 'contract wife' to a 'real wife'. I look forward to seeing where this story goes from here!
You know, I started reading this story on a whim since I kept seeing it show up in my recommended, and I must say... I am so, so glad I gave this a read! In fact, I wish there were more stories like this. So often many stories in this site's category are so often focused on the "physical" and seems all to predictable or unrelatable. Not that its a bad thing with a lot of romance stories since it is fiction after all. But, and while this story also shows the physical side of things, I was so refreshed to see an actual genuine mental -emotional relationship between 2 characters who accept each other as they are and how much respect they show toward each other is something I wish more authors displayed on this site in their stories. I don't write reviews too often, but this was an absolute delight to read and would highly recommend this as a must read to anyone here. I will eagerly await every update from here on out and hope there is more to follow soon.
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