Cressellia's Reviews & Ratings

This was cuter than I expected. The MC really feels like an adult! Their meeting, while amusing, was really a highlight for her character and grounded the story well. The smut was good too though I personally would have liked it if the MC got just a second to breathe before the ML took the initiative. Buuuuuut the ML is nice and cute and made sure to get some form of consent so I'll forgive it this time~
This is so close to being perfect, but I feel like it suffers from the chapters being short. The drama about liking things that aren't "normal" is all at once slow/subtle and fast/overly dramatic. Anyway, I like the characters and the FL is so pretty I can't not read it!
Three stars because the first chapter makes it difficult to tell if this will be compelling. It has angst potential, and the noncon was just a hand job for now, but I'm mostly worried about if the "nice guy" is going to become more charming.
Takayasu deserves to be happy for all the hard work he puts in. If you're not okay with Non-con then don't read. It gets reallllly dicey, seriously. I mostly love this story for its last two epilogue chapters. Everything was so sweet and gooy and comfy at that point it really hit my comfort zone. Especially love some friendship romance like this one, reminds me of my own marriage~
I loved the Author's other work and this one is gearing up to be a real tear jerker of the wholesome verity! I just love how most of the drama so far has been generated by their life passions~I personally don't mind it when stories have the gay identity be the drama, I think it's important to represent the turbulence of one's feelings when faced with a romance that "isn't the norm", but having stories where that is secendary or non-existant feels like a breath of fresh air.
It bait and switched me! I thought there was going to be a cringy jump into sex and then it turned out to be her delusion! I applaud a story that turns tropes on their head like that.Anyway the art is a little rough but the main Lead's are really cute!
Love this first chapter so far! The characters feel like people with layers we have yet to see. I really liked that the MC was more upset about how her Ex called out all her insecurities than his cheating. Also love how refreshing it feels to have background characters to just make settings feel a bit more filled out! Really looking forward to the next chapter, can't wait to see how the MCs continue working together with this spicy night under their belts!
It's completed!?! But it seemed like there could have been so much more! Well it was good, kind of rushed, but the art is absolutely adorable and I really enjoyed the characters! I like the hint of yandere in the main guy, and how his possessiveness isn't taken to some sick extreme that harms the MC^^
I'm really enjoying the characters. The MC is really adorable and kinda of spastic and the love interest has a moe thing going for him! I hope the chapters release often because they end at such abrupt cliffhangers. So far the only part I don't understand is why the MC linked her attempt to be girly to Love Interest-kun getting napped but it's pretty easily overlooked as her anxieties just getting the better of her.
Personal bias here, this was surprisingly addicting. The pacing felt pretty rushed in some places and a lot of the conversations felt disjointed, but I enjoyed it. Very sweet story, I simply changed some things in my head while reading it to make it better for me.
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