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Amazing story. It picks up slowly with each chapter getting better and deeper. Noticeable characters's development. I like how the love feels one sided at first, but then it becomes mutual. The first episode is the worst, if you can just read it and choose to continue, the story gets really good and addicting.Very romantic story with nice hot scenes as well. Cute love story.Both characters are lovely. I wish it was longer to be honest.I liked how the third parties were eliminated once the feeling were established.
A very cute lovely story. I didn't find it confusing at all. It has its secrets but that was fine. I think it could have been longer but it ended well. There are many steamy scenes and there is a love story. I just wish it was longer.The MC is so cute and the girl is lovely. However, I just feel the author wanted to have a different plot but then changed her mind ( I mean the dog thing). All in all, I enjoyed this manga.
Such a sweet cute story and a funny one as well. I like the girl was strong enough and stood her ground, and the guy was so entertaining; his assistant was adorable. HEr friend was a tough one as well. They all look good as well!all in all, a fun to read a story with beautiful art. I wish it was longer though!
Such a sweet love story. The girl reminds me of myself, she always tries to help others even when it's on the expanse of her time & health, but where is my Takuma? Where is he? :(The guy is such a tease, but the girl is strong even though she is so sweet; she knows what she wants and she tries to make the MC understands it!The female lead is so cute and beautiful, and the male lead is so handsome and attractive! ^_^There are not many hot scenes as the focus is on the building of the romance, but it is still really nice to read! I I finished chapter 7; you feel like this is the end, but the author is hiding something apparently! I can't wait to see!
I did enjoy this manga, but I am kinda not pleased on how it ended, yes it has a happy ending, but it was not a satisfying one. I felt everything was rushed in the end. There were many sad parts and this could have been better if the bad guy really got punished. The bad guy didn't get punished at all which is so upsetting.I would have given it 5 stars if it has more volumes that make the story of love blossom. It started really good, then it got into the route of drama which was beautiful but lacking in more details to make it meaningful and powerful.So 4 stars for rushing of things.Art is great and the plot is different so 5 stars for those two things.This story has the potential of expanding for like 20 more volumes and giving a happy ending for all the guys in this story, like for example Hiraggi ( I felt so bad about his past) or the MC' two best friends, they were both awesome. Even the sister could have been saved and have a happy ending, and it could have included so many hot scenes, but no, the author decided to end it in a rush unsatisfying way!
What an amazing manga. I binged read it in two days. I finished the latest volume "14" It is so worth the money.To be honest, I love everyone in this manga, the girl, the guy, the friend, and the boss.Now, my comments might contain some spoilers, so proceed with caution. I like the Boss the most; he is very nice and considerate. I feel sad about how things went down, but then again, the author found a way to make it work somehow. So, yeah there will be a twist, a nice one. Honestly. I really respect the Boss. I feel our girl loves her boyfriend but loves the boss as well.Her love for the boss is a platonic love, but her love for her boyfriend is the erotic sensual love. I love how he is so protective of her, but at the same time, I hated when he told her to leave her job. I think no girl or guy should leave their job for the one they love; trust me when things go south you will be lonely and jobless, so don't ever leave your job just to please your lover, it never ends well.However, since she still works and found her passion with something else, I don't mind her leaving the old job.Again, I love the boss more, but I love the boyfriend as well. I remember the part when he told the bf that our girl is not his property, but the girl does not mind, so who we are to complain!The hot scenes with the boyfriend are crazy and are really good and explicit with some bold conversations.I hope this story keeps on going for more chapters, it surely is entertaining, and especially with the new love story that just started on the sideline for the other girl :) Rooting for her!.
I really like this manga or webtoon. It's awesome, very hot, and the three protagonists are easy to fall in love with and all of them are super beautiful/handsome/hot.I don't know. I feel that I like Llyod more, but then Lune is awesome too!It's so perplexing; I wonder what the author will decide in the end. I hope something that can give a sweet ending without breaking anyone's heart.I think this story is worth checking out and reading, and it's not that expensive, but it is better than many expensive ones out there. Also, notice that this manga/webtoon is in colors, which is a great plus!
I had high expectation of this manga, but I was very disappointed. I do not like the MC, I don't like the girl, and I I certainly don't like the story which is way cliche by now.I mean even the hot sexy scenes are not really hot, but rather boring. The girl is so stupid and a pushover! I mean at this point, you would think I have seen it all here and got used to spinless girls, but no; this girl tromps them all and goes to the next level. The MC is neither handsome nor attractive and his personality is very unappealing. I only bought part 1 and 2, but I deeply regret it.Don't get me wrong I like sadistic stuff but this one was ridiculous.
Well, I only read three chapters so far and while I have no problem of her switching to a younger guy. If he is under 18, then this is a no-no! But since I don't know the guy age, I'll just enjoy pretending he is not underage! The story coz it's nice and unique. Kinda hot! I like his friends and the cute cat.However, and this is a spoiler-ish! so proceed with caution please:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Also, a big no for me is cheating. You don't cheat on your nice boyfriend just because he is busy, you leave him and do whatever you want, but you just don't do that to him. Not nice at all!so that's why I gave it 4 stars.
Oh wow, there is drama and secrets and all.I like the Female lead, she is different. The MC is cute & blunt, but I feel this story is more realistic in terms that they are moving slow and we already have a possible love triangle! I don't know what to expect, but personaly I liked it.Can't wait for part 4!
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